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Deej Hates Summer!

Argh! I really hate summer! I know that a lot of people likes this hot season so they can have a vacation in a beach resort and unwind from their lives in the city. But I am not one of those people. All I want is to stay at home and make money online. I am not fond of going to resorts or partying all night just to enjoy the summer season. You can call me lame but I am lame. hah!

One thing I hate about summer in the Philippines is the extremely HOT weather. I think we had the hottest temperature during the month of May 2010. And I am really excited to feel the coldness of   rainy season. I am longing for the rain because I love writing when it is raining. I think it is stimulating my brain for more fresh ideas.

I hope it will rain tomorrow.=|

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