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I am managing a lot of blogs since 2009. I have blogs in Wordpress and Blogspot but I must say that putting up a new blog is not that easy if you will use that blog to compete in Google's top spot. In order to do that, you must do some link building, optimize your blog using search engine optimization and attract visitors to your blog. That activity takes a lot of time and sometimes, it is tiring and boring.

But if you want to have an instant traffic to your blog, you can try All you have to do is put up a blog, make your banner then register for free in Adgitize. After the registration, you can now advertise your blog for $14. You have to pay $14 so they will advertise your blog in 1 month. You can also advertise your blog or site for 7 days that will cost you $7.00 but I prefer advertising my blog for the whole month. I also get friends and co-blogger that I can talk to and they are helping me to improve my blog also.

For me, adgitize is working great with me because my blog's traffic is continuously increasing and the alexa rank is improving. The best thing with Adgitize is you can earn extra money from them so you can get what you have invested at the end of the month with additional bucks.

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