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About the blog and the blogger

DeejSpeaks is created by a teenager that likes to experiment everything around him. He likes doing and trying everything then writing a critique about it afterwards. This blog will focus on product reviews, personal blogging, fashion trends, and daily rants of a college student inside the campus.

Hey! I am Deej

Darrel is my real name and I am 19. I owned and managed different blog sites for a year now and until now; I am still learning how to write. My friends always say that I am good in writing especially essays but I guess I am not. I can’t even write. In blogging, I am trying to learn and improve myself.

Okay, enough with the emo-ness. Here are some random facts about me, Deej.
I am an IT student and I hate programming subjects. Okay, you can now mock at me.
  1. I am Mr. Invisible. I am just like that. But hey! I am not a Goth. :p
  2. I love horror/bloody/disgusting films. Both American and Asian films. Name it, I have seen them all!
  3. I am a drama king. 
  4. I am too emotional so watch your words please.
  5. I can be your BFF. You can keep me for real.
  6. I was once a DORK! (But it was awesome!)
  7. I am a dream interpreter. My friends can testify that. Dreams are mystical and meaningful. Those fragments mean a LOT!
  8. Paranormal things? Third eye? Soul Travelling? Count me IN! :p
  9. I am still a v*&%#@... Okay enough! ROTFLOL!

Know me more. Visit my other blogs. Llama’s Journal is my entertainment blog. And there are more to come!

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