American Boulevard: Back to Basic

I really don't buy clothes in American Boulevard because most of their apparels don't fit me at all! I think they follow the american size which is larger compared to ours. And clothes that are not S or XS are not my type and the feeling is mutual I guess.
basic top, american blvd
I am wearing: T-Shirt from American Blvd // EZRA bag from Zalora Philippines
Ever since I started working out, that was 5 months ago, I am seeing some improvements with regard to my body type. I think I am gaining some weights and slowly building some muscles and my friends are also noticing the changes.
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Life Lately: Just Don't Know What to Do

I am thinking of not blogging anymore because there is no urge for me to do it anymore unlike before where creativity just flows naturally. Maybe it has something to do with my work schedule or my lifestyle and I think I am lacking of balance lately.

It feels like I want to do so many things but time is not enough for all of those. I mean I work for 9 hours and still work out after shift, the rest is for my sleep then repeat it for 5 days and during my day off, I just find myself sleeping if not, watching movies or TV series. I want to go out but time is not really enough so does my energy. Is this sign of aging? Funny I know but I really don't know what to do anymore.

2nd Anniversary Celebration at Project Pie Pasay

Time flies really fast! I can still remember my first ever job interview, what I wore that day, how it felt and my first day at work with overloading information, cool people in all ages and I never thought I will still work for the same company after all that happened within 2 years!
Some of the people I first met. Photo taken at Ayala Triangle.
I can't say that I have the perfect job because there were times when I asked myself if this is really the career that I wanted in the first place, there were times where I just wanted to update my resume and leave especially if the goings are getting rough. But what makes me stay is the people in the industry. I love my friends, supervisors and the managers and also, it pays me good compared to other jobs that I can think of that fit my skills.

WARBY PARKER: Waterway Collection is so Refreshing!

Warby Parker just released their latest Waterway Collection that is perfect for staycations and travels this summer! I am overwhelmed knowing that this blog is one of the first blogs that reveal their newest collection.
warby parker, waterway collection, summer 2014

According to the press release they sent me, "Waterway Collection is inspired by warm coastal travels and landlocked staycations by the pool. Because summer is for relaxing."