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Hello guys! I have been so busy these past few weeks that I forgot to update my blogs. So far, 2015 has been overwhelming and there are lots of changes as well. 

Just want to update you with the blog that I currently trying to work out. I actually made this way back in February but because of slow internet connection here in my new place, I was not able to update it regularly until I started working in my new company.
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Stylish Boots for Men This Coming Rainy Season

One thing I love about the month of June is the fact that summer is about to end. It’s not that I hate summer but the unending heat is killing me! I remember when I was a kid, I used to love summer because it always means school break, out of town getaways with cousins, sleeping late at night like a bad*ss and white sand beach in our province.

But when I started working in the city, summer became a nightmare. I hate seeing my friends posting some selfies while at the beach while I am trying to focus at work earning money for a living. And yes, reality sort of sucks.

Shopping for Men's Accessories this Summer of 2015!

Summer has just started and as early as now, I am already seeing lots of my friends going to different vacation spots in the Philippines such as Boracay, Palawan and of course, the summer capital of the PH, Baguio City.
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Sad to say that I am still stuck here in the city for my full-time job and spending some quick time updating my blogs. Definitely cannot wait for the 25th of April for our company's team building that will be at Pico De Loro! Woot!

Ex-PBB Housemate Tricia Santos' Sexy FHM Cover Photos #NewCrush

One of the most controversial Pinoy Big Brother housemate, Tricia Santos is trending this month not because of another scandalous issues outside the PBB house but because of her sizzling cover photos for FHM, March 2015 edition.
We all know that Tricia has the best faces in her PBB season but being bashed by her co-housemates and the outside world because of her what they call "stinky" personality and also, being linked to a lot of guy housemates as well. I still can remember all of the names being called to this lady.