Free Mac Address for Globe and Smart Users 2014

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Sharing you guys a geeky side of me.I know I don't look like a geeky type of guy but just so you know, I am a graduate of Information Technology and familiar with some geeky stuff such as setting up a desktop and some networking stuff although I don't practice it anymore with my current job, I still enjoy reading about IT related articles.

I am fascinated with how computer works and also tweaking my PC is one of my hobbies at home. One of them is changing my mac address.
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Psychic Mode: Free Tarot Card Readings

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Reading tarot cards is one of my hobbies because ever since I was a little kid, I enjoy watching paranormal shows like Verum Est on channel 2. I was fascinated the way they walk around and see something the camera and the audience don't see at all. For normal people, it's a waste of time but for believers of the paranormal, it's a different story.

I bought my tarot cards way back in 2011 and used it when I was in college. My friends told me that it was pretty accurate or they just want to make me feel confident reading tarot. Very supportive! lol

Life Lately: Summer Fever 2014

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Hey Dreamers! Another quickie update because I miss blogging here  and I am having a very busy schedule during weekdays. It's not about at work but I just need to prioritize things like I need to go to gym after work then sleep for 7 to 8 hours everyday so I don't really blog during weekdays. Work for 8 hours, workout for 2 hours then sleep. That's my life for 5 days! 

Great OOTD Items from SammyDress

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Whenever I go, I always want to wear the best pair of clothes that I have in my closet especially if there is a special occasion or even when I go to the supermarket to buy some things and my bunny's food, I still want to look presentable. 

Capturing OOTD's or Outfit of the Day is another thing of mine but now, I am not able to do it because I am kind of shy to ask people to get a photo of me in public especially if they are not into it. Not unless I am with Kissie who is also a fashion blogger who loves taking selfie and OOTD's just like me.