Training Courses in Sunlife Philippines to Become a Licensed Financial Advisor

I myself wants to become a Financial Advisor because I have friends who do that for a living and I can say that they can balance their work and personal life in a daily basis. I also love the fact that they hold their own time. I mean they just report to their office but most of the time, they are outside doing some field work or meeting their respective clients.

becoming a licensed financial advisor

One day, I started asking myself, how to become a Financial Advisor? The nature of my job right now has something to do with insurance but we cater for Canadian residents. It is more on the backbone of the system I believe and I think. it is something that does not qualify in becoming a legit Advisor.
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Mark Aaron Hernandez Photo In Demand Because of Erika Mae Balagtas Facebook Video

I saw this viral Facebook video just now posted by a netizen named Erika Mae Balagtas. I thought it was just a video of a girl who just broke up with her long-time boyfriend named Mark Aaron Hernandez. Well, I was right. It was their video but it has a shocking twist though.

This was the caption of the video:
Hi bebe, salamat sa lahat lahat. And sorry kung may nagawa man ako o ikaw. I love you. Goodbye.
Mark Aaron Hernandez
June 24, 2015
Watch till the end.
Looks like a typical caption from a girl who broke up with her boyfriend but when you watch the said video until the end, it seems that she got dumped because of Mark Aaron Hernandez kissed a guy and he liked it. 

You can watch the video here but if you can watch it directly on Facebook, you can also read a lot of comments about it. Funny for some but for those concerned people, it is too personal that should not be on Facebook. Most comments I have read are against the girl who posted the video. They said that Erika Mae is just bitter and cannot accept the fact that Mark Aaron has a photo kissing a guy and he seemed liking it. 

Well for me, I guess the video is to get even to the guy involved. Bitterness is also included. Just accept it, girl.

After couple of hours, a girl named Charlene Mendoza posted something on her Facebook timeline tagging Mark Aaron and Erika Mae. Charlene is Mark's sister who is trying to defend her brother. Look at the post below.

Whatever the reason behind this video, I guess this is too personal and it must be deleted on Facebook. Things like this can still be fixed offline. I am also seeing a lot of people searching for Mark Aaron Hernandez's video with the guy involved but of course, it is not posted somewhere. The evidence was just that photo on the video posted by Erika.

Have you watched the video already? What can you say about it?

Use A Fake Credit Card Information To Watch On Netflix For Free

Here is the deal, my TV decided not to work all of a sudden so I am pretty bored right now. I kind of missed watching my favorite TV shows and some random movies on my cable TV. I decided to try Netflix's one month free trial so I can somehow catch up with the shows I gave been following for months now. Everything was doing great;I have my paypal with some cash on it that will not be billed not until after one month and I can also cancel my Netflix subscription anytime I will not be billed maybe on my 29th day of using it.

Unfortunately, Netflix is now asking for a credit card information that must be linked to my Paypal account and I don't have a credit card. I don't have plans in getting one because I believe that it is the root of all debts of all people in the world. Do you think you are rich because you have a credit card? You better think again and think of all the things you have partially bought with it and all the interest you have to pay in the end. It is a cycle of you being sink to ocean of debts!

How to use laptop as a Television (TV) for cable wires?

I am not sure what happened to my TV today. I think it has decided not to work all of a sudden! So I was watching earlier while having my breakfast then all of a sudden, the screen turned all black. I thought I accidentally put the TV on sleep mode as I always do but this time, it won't turn on anymore. I did everything that I could but nothing is happening. :(

Tomorrow is the deadline for me to pay my Cignal Cable and I am thinking if I will still pay for it. I mean budget is tight for a brand new TV. I have PLDT internet but still, my day will never be complete without watching my favorite movies and TV shows on my TV screen.