MUSCLE DIARY: Bony to Beastly (Getting There)

Another blogging series I came up with just now for the sake of writing something here and I hope this will help some skinny/ slim/ bony guys out there who wants to have that body every man is dreaming of.
muscle building
Photo above was taken 2 days ago during our team building in Ascott Hotel Makati. I posted it on my Facebook page and most of my friends liked it and noticed a huge change on my physical appearance. Some of them compared the way I was back in college days and one of them said that it is like a new version of me.
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Trying Out Happy Lemon's Milo Dinosaur!

After our team building at Ascott Hotel Makati yesterday, we decided to chill out and drink something cold and refreshing because we were feeling dehydrated after drinking couple of beers that night.

I was craving for watermelon shake from Big Chill but it was kind of far from where we at so we just visited the nearest place which is Happy Lemon, near Tous Les Jours.

I personally like their Salt Milk Tea but this time, I tried one of their newest collections: Milo Dinosaur for only 85 pesos.

The Happy List Vol. 2

Since I can't find anything that is blog-able today, I decided to come up with my second volume of "The Happy List" where I list everything that makes me happy even the simplest and littlest ways in my life.
the happy list

#OOTD: Rainy Days and Weird Weather

Weather lately was a little bit of weird. Not less than a week from today, Philippines experienced the wrath of Typhoon Glenda with a moderate amount of rain but devastating level of strong wind that destroyed a lot of establishments all around the country.

It lasted for like 48-hours but the effect will last for a couple of months to repair the damages caused by the typhoon.

But lately, I find myself wearing the wrong outfit like the temperature is kind of cold the time I go to the office but when I step out of it, heat will welcome me to the outside world. And this feels annoying more than ever!