OOTD: Bring Back Summer Fun

There is something about summer that I can't let go of. It's not about the heat and humid weather that pisses me off every time I go home from a long tiring day at work, not about beach and weekend trip with family and friends since I seldom get weekend offs due to a very busy work sched (Boy gotta earn money).Maybe what I can't let go of is wearing comfortable outfit for my OOTD's like this one below.
summer fun, summer wear, petite model, asian
My ever favorite shirt from American Boulevard is what I wear everytime I go places. If you will notice, I have been posting OOTD's wearing the same top with different style. At least I can show you how flexible I am when it comes to wearing clothes (palusot.com) lol!
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Where to Buy Cactus and Succulents in Manila?

I have been seeing a lot of people especially on Instagram posting some photos of their plant succulents and cactus and I find it interesting. I think having a plant in my room gives more oxygen to my brain and somehow refreshes my especially while doing some backlogs and research on difficult topics.
cactus, succulents
According to Jessica Choy, she bought her succulents in Market Market for only 45 pesos including the pot. So expect some updates after I visit Taguig maybe next week. Thinking of having my very own cactus/ succulent plant in my room gives me a chill of excitement. Oh, I can't wait!

Rhinoplasty: Let's talk about Nose Job

I am getting so obsessed looking for Instagram photos with a hashtag #nosejob and #rhinoplastydiary and stumbled upon different people from all over the countries who have had their nose done; could be today or a week ago and I can see that although they are in pain and can barely smile on their after-rhinoplasty selfie, you can tell how proud and happy they are in the photo.
nosejob, rhinoplasty, asian
Photos are all credited to Instagram
Someone sent me an email two months ago after reading my entry about getting a nose hiko procedure. It is a non-surgical process that will lift your nose bridge without undergoing knives, blood and bruises so it's pretty cool but the effect will only last for two years.

Bench Pink T-Shirt is Very Neat!

As much as possible, I like wearing clothes that will make me look neat. Well, I am not saying that I am not neat at all but I want it to be noticed by everyone especially when I walk at the mall for example or even ride a public transpo.
bench, pink shirt
Then I found this pink t-shirt from Bench while looking for colored-shirt that I need for work. Pink is not actually my thing so I was hesitant to buy it but I was obliged so I don't have any choice but to purchase it. And it turned out to be one of my favorite shirts.