Choosing Between Career and Family; Hardest So Far

I still can't believe that I just made the biggest decision of my life before I reach the age of 23. I have been working in the industry I have chosen right after my college rites without having any grand vacation trips or whatsoever and decided to hit the corporate world as soon as I signed the contract and earn money for a living. I am doing very good but this time, I have to make a choice; a quick one.
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Life lately was full of ups and downs. With my hectic work week and the arrival of my sister and mom from Belgium were the main happenings in my life.
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Life Lately Vol. 12

It's been a while since I last posted my Life Lately series because there are so many things happening now. Good and bad but it's balance and I am sure I can make it. I just kept on thinking about someone's mantra in life. "If it is not good, then it's not the end"-- or something like that. 
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Random things happening lately:

Lee Cooper Philippines, Soon at Market Market!

I just recently discovered how much I love wearing denim and realized that it is indeed essential for everyone to have it in their closet because denim will never go out of style!
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An OOTD showing my love for denim
If you are also a fan of denims and some good stuff for your OOTD shoots from vintage, military, work wear and some must-wear, then this post is for you so read carefully.

Online Shopping Guide with Price Comparison Sites!

In the Philippines, online shopping is becoming more and more popular. With the launch of different online websites and blog shops, people are getting engaged and attracted in buying stuff virtually and I think, they are now confident in doing this compared before where virtual shopping is kind of fearsome; I mean they are afraid of giving out their private information for their security purposes.
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I have been shopping online since 2009 without LAZADA and ZALORA in the country. And the only websites I know of are EBAY and AMAZON. I bought my first product online in the same year and the feeling was very overwhelming.