#OOTD: Rainy Days and Weird Weather

Weather lately was a little bit of weird. Not less than a week from today, Philippines experienced the wrath of Typhoon Glenda with a moderate amount of rain but devastating level of strong wind that destroyed a lot of establishments all around the country.

It lasted for like 48-hours but the effect will last for a couple of months to repair the damages caused by the typhoon.

But lately, I find myself wearing the wrong outfit like the temperature is kind of cold the time I go to the office but when I step out of it, heat will welcome me to the outside world. And this feels annoying more than ever!
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CD-R King Powerbank Isn't That Bad: Must Have for Rainy Days!

I never though that I'd write a blog post dedicated to CD-R King. I mean I am not a type of guy who buy stuff in CD-R because I have been reading awful stuff about them. Yugatech, a famous Philippine blog that talks about technology can't help but to question CD-r King's reputation in the market lately.
cdr king, power bank review, 990 pesos
Powerbank 12000 MAh for only 990 pesos I bought in CD-R King last February. Photo I grabbed from my outdated tech blog.
If you have visited my outdated tech-blog where I posted something about the powerbank that I bought in CDR King last Feb. 27, 2014 and I have been receiving some emails asking if it's worth it or not.

What Happened? I am Just a Non-Glitterati Nuffnang Member

I have been a member of Nuffnang Philippines since 2009 way back when I was still a newbie in blogging and trying to earn a little bit of extra cash and I can say that Nuffnang is one of those ad networks that paid me multiple times already. Being a glitterati member is a plus since I earn more and I get the chance to join their contest and have movie invites during my free time.

But today is so sad because I lost my Glitterati membership.

Tarot Card Thursday: Temptations and The Stars!

I am doing a segment here on my blog about my tarot card readings and I am going to call it "Tarot Card Thursday" since I am going to schedule post it every Thursday. I am not an experienced tarot card reader nor a psychic but I am learning new things about it and I discovered that I have this talent way back in my childhood years.

I am very sensitive and moody especially around a crowd of people. It is like I can feel what people are feeling as of the moment and tend to absorb it. I am also sensitive with what people think and feel so I am very particular with what I say or do around others because I think I can feel them is some way.