ASUS Zenfone 5 Lite Review/Specs/Price

ASUS Philippines announced that they are going to release their newest mobile device model, Zenfone 5 Lite and I am pretty sure that people will dig this one since it is under 6,000 for an amazing phone with cool features and specs!
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Buy Your Very Own iPhone 6 on Apple PH Online Store

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus fever in the Philippines is not yet over and I am expecting this to be more viral for the next months to come since holiday season is fast approaching. And this is good news to all Apple fanatics here in the Philippines because you can now order and buy your very own iPhone 6 on Apple Philippines' online store! Before this, Globe announced that they offer both devices along with their prepaid and postpaid plans with different kinds of contracts.
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For the pricing, it's just the same with Globe's offer but what we are after with this online store of Apple PH is the convenience in buying the equipment. This is well-suited for people who really do not want to go outside with over crowded malls especially here in the Metro.

MyPhone Storm TV Price and Specs

MyPhone just released a teaser about their new mobile equipment that they are calling, MyPhone Storm TV. Yes, you guessed it dang right! A mobile phone that has a TV on it
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The feature is kind of boring though because people got hooked up with a phone with a TV way way back with those cheap china phones where I first knew that TV can be a built in feature for a mobile device. But then again, let us see what can MyPhone do to add something different with this boring key feature for a new equipment.

Sony QX30 is now available in the Philippines for 17,299

This is a good news for Sony users who want to use your phone's camera up to the next level! Now, you can take great photos especially landscapes just like you are using a DSLR camera! All thanks to Sony QX30!
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What is good about this device is that, you can use this to any other smartphones whether it's a samsung or apple equipment. Sony QX30 is an independent camera lens you can use to enhance your phone's enabled camera and take breathtaking photos without that bulky DSLR. It has 30x optical zoom capability (perfect for concerts) and 20 megapixel resolution.