Ex-PBB Housemate Tricia Santos' Sexy FHM Cover Photos #NewCrush

One of the most controversial Pinoy Big Brother housemate, Tricia Santos is trending this month not because of another scandalous issues outside the PBB house but because of her sizzling cover photos for FHM, March 2015 edition.
We all know that Tricia has the best faces in her PBB season but being bashed by her co-housemates and the outside world because of her what they call "stinky" personality and also, being linked to a lot of guy housemates as well. I still can remember all of the names being called to this lady.
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ABS-CBN TV Plus E48 No Signal Error is Annoying Me!

It has been a week since I bought my very own TV Plus because here in my area, TV and internet signal are both scarcity. And I thought that having a black-box for my TV set was a good idea since I will only need to pay a one time fee of 2,500 for an unlimited HD streaming to all free local channels. But I was wrong. My 2,500 pesos for this ABS-CBN TV Plus is not worth it. Refund please!
Malinaw sobra wala ako masabi pero walang kwenta channels na available!

Possibility of Getting Channel 7 GMA, ETC using ABS-CBN TV Plus

I bought my own ABS-CBN TV Plus a few days ago and I am quite disappointed with it. After installing and scanning available channels, I only got 18 local channels in my area and some of them are just the same with the others. I have here 6 religious channels with bible verses, 2 sports ch and old films. I only watch ABS-CBN and YEY.
I am not sure if there is any way to use this black box to get some local channels like GMA Kapuso Network, ETC, Studio 23 and more interesting channels because what TV Plus offers is boring me to death and I feel like my 2,500 pesos is not worth it.

Stylish Necklace as Gift Guide for Graduates of 2015

Gift giving is just one of those common things that people do if ever someone had graduated from school whether it is from high school or a graduate school already. If not gadgets or clothes, people nowadays give accessories just for a change. Well, in fact, giving accessories like bracelets, necklaces or earrings is kind of appropriate because it symbolizes the bond that you have with each other.

Unlike clothes or gadgets, these stylish accessories can be more than a gift but rather a very special thing that symbolizes long-time friendship.