30,000 Job Openings for Filipino Seamen in Royal Caribbean Cruises this 2016: Job Lists and How to Apply?

According to the news, one of the top cruise line operators, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. has 30,000 job openings for Filipino seamen this 2016. So if you are searching to know what are the jobs await you and how to apply, you came to the right place! Continue reading to know more.
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Joross Gamboa's Phone Video is now Trending Online!

After the trending video of AJ Ramos that spreads online like a wildfire, this time Joross Gamboa is now the talk of the town because of a phone video of a man that exactly looks like him; from facial hair and features as well.
Joross Gamboa's Phone Video is now Trending Online!
Joross Gamboa as one of the sexiest men in the Philippines
When I checked my twitter account, Joross Gamboa is trending for 9 hours and counting and that was 4 in the morning. Most of the tweets are looking for the link where they can watch the intriguing video of Joross doing something inside his car while talking to a girl. The length of the video is 8 minutes and 17 seconds to be exact.

Great Find for Guitar Fanatics!

Way back in 2011, I tried my best learning how to play a guitar and was able to learn playing some of my favorite song but I find it really hard but fun at the same time. So for today, I am going to feature an item that is perfect for guitar lovers; perfect as a a gift for all occasions and I also find it so hot!

guitar slide

Presenting these amazing guitar slides with american hotties prints and made of porcelain that can absorb finder moist and at the same time, can definitely project great sound quality. Looking at some reviews online, I can say that this is an amazing option for your next guitar gig or gift idea for someone special.

Ways In Avoiding Traffic During the Black Nazarene 2016 Procession in Quiapo with these Alternate Route

It's the time of the year again where millions of people will gather together in Quiapo Manila because of the annual celebration of the feast of the Black Nazarene. Traslacion, this is the term of transferring the Black Nazarene from Quirino Grandstand back to Quiapo Manila and I am 100% sure that the Black Nazarene Procession 2016 will cause traffic in all the streets of Manila City.

Black Nazarene 2016 Procession in Quiapo

The Traslacion will be held on January 9, 2015 however, as early as January 7, 2015, there will be some small parade and activities that might also cause traffic in Manila so don't forget to save these alternate routes the MMDA officially released just now.