Small Tattoo Ideas

Getting a tattoo is one of the things I have in my bucket list because I want to feel the pain it can cause my skin. I know it sounds weird but most of my friends who have tattoos say that there is this kind of pain that makes you addicted to it that you find yourself getting another one after it heals.
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On my 23rd birthday this December, I am planning to have one on my right arm. Iam still thinking if it is going to be a fox, dreamcatcher or a koi fish.  I don't know but I am fascinated with those things. But I might go for a small koi fish with orange and white color combination. 
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OOTD: Summer Fever Forever!

Here's another OOTD post that is perfect for the crazy weather here in the Philippines! I mean, it's already August and we are suppose to have lots of rains and cold cuddle weather already. It's not that I hate sunny days but I think it's just crazy this year. Don't get me wrong, I love gloomy weather but not to the point of having heavy rain and strong winds due to typhoon. Because typhoon days = OOTD bad photo lighting

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I am more confident wearing sandos since I am not that too skinny after months of attending gym workouts and taking food/supplements that are helping me gain weight and little bit of muscles.

OOTD: The Fault in Our Stars

I know it's kind of late but I just decided to watch "The Fault in Our Stars" today and as expected, I cried.. Just a bit.. I just noticed that when I am so stressed about my life, I tend to watch tearjerker films. Last week, I watched "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" that I loved. I admit that am not a fan of such films. I find them boring but there are times in life when I just want to cry even for a while. 
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Wearing a formal wear fresh from the office. Photo taken somewhere in Divisoria.

American Boulevard: Back to Basic

I really don't buy clothes in American Boulevard because most of their apparels don't fit me at all! I think they follow the american size which is larger compared to ours. And clothes that are not S or XS are not my type and the feeling is mutual I guess.
basic top, american blvd
I am wearing: T-Shirt from American Blvd // EZRA bag from Zalora Philippines
Ever since I started working out, that was 5 months ago, I am seeing some improvements with regard to my body type. I think I am gaining some weights and slowly building some muscles and my friends are also noticing the changes.