OVERVIEW: Blackberry Classic Specs. Price and Review Soon

Blackberry just announced their latest handset device that goes on sale as soon as it hits the market in the US. It's been a couple of months when they launched Bb Passport and they went back to their original design: Say hello to Blackberry Classic.
blackberry classic,
Blackberry Classic is the successor of their old model, the Bold 9900. The ever so famous QWERTY keypad and the trackpad that everybody in the corporate industry loves so much.
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Oppo R5: Thinnest Smartphone Ph Price, Specs and Review

Although I am not able to use any device from Oppo,I have always been attracted to their very first product because of the design and camera features. I like smartphones that are thin and smoothly done. The very first Oppo smartphone that I noticed was their N3 with a rotating camera and ever since, I have been following their ongoing trend. This time, they officially launched the thinnest smartphone; hail to the Oppo R5.
smartphone, oppo r5
With only 4.85mm, R5 has an aluminum alloy body so users can avoid having an over-heating smartphone plus its liquid-metal phase-shifting cooling element. 

Holiday 2014 Gift Guide: 10 Smartphones with Great Specs for less than 5,000 pesos ($220.00)

Hey you guys! Only few more days before Christmas and I am sure you are still busy looking for some gift ideas for your loved ones. I know it is tough thinking of the list of people that we need to give gifts. Overwhelming, I know! Now, I am in the process of finalizing and gift wrapping already. *whew*
smartphones, gift guide, holiday 2014

So for today, I am going to feature some gift guide dedicated for people who love gadgets and gizmos: 10 Smartphones with amazing specs for less than 5,000 pesos. Let us see if you can find one for yourself or even for your friends and relatives.

Acer Liquid Jade S: Price and Specs. Review Soon!

Another promising smartphone was launched by Acer and I know everyone is excited for this all in one phone that is like an improved version of Liquid Jade; this is made possible by Acer Liquid Jade S
Acer, Acer Liquid Jade S

For an improved version, it now has a 64-bit MediaTek Octa-Core CPU, 2GB of RAM and an LTE connectivity. Another Acer phone with astonishing specs!