Get Unlimited Incense for Lure in Pokemon Go

In the Philippines, Pokemon Go is the newest game that makes people go out in the real world and catch pokemon in the virtual world. I myself is so into and willing to walk for how many kilometers just to catch or just see a rare pokemon. With the help of my ever reliable pokemon incense, I am able to catch pokemons easily while walking and sometimes, while I am working in my room. So I am thinking if there is a way to get an unlimited incense so I can lure in more pokemons compared to the usual number of pokemons you encounter?


Pokemon Go Guide: Where to Catch Rare Pokemons in the Philippines?

This post if for those pokemon go players who are still looking for some of the rare pokemons. Applicable to me as well. I have been to different places now but still unavailable to see pokemons that I am aiming to catch. I also notice some pokemon gyms around my place that have rare pokemon; mostly stronger pokemon so I am wondering where on earth did they see it here in the Philippines?

TIP: If you are looking for tons of Pokestops, you can visit Serendra where you can see A LOT of pokemon go players catching pokemon around the area. I was shocked seeing them play and it was kind of creepy as well. I tried using incense and got overwhelmed with all the pokemons appeared right in front of me! Mostly, Ratatat, Pidgeotto and Weedle that I evolved to get XP for me to level up. Still useful afterall!

Pokemon Go Error: Device Not Compatible with this Version How to Download?

I have been seeing a lot of my friends on facebook getting frustrated about this error message on google playstore, "Your device isn't compatible with this version.". So I searched for some ways on how to download pokemon go on mobile devices with lower specs so that they can join the pokemon bandwagon.

Last Saturday, I was able to download the application on my phone's playstore. At first, there was an error saying that pokemon go isn't available to my country so what I did was I used a dummy gmail account that is based in the United Kingdom. Surprisingly, it worked!

How to get unlimited coins in Pokemon Go?

So it is official. Pokemon Go just went available to some other countries and that includes here in the Philippines. Right after I saw the twitter status of Nintendo saying that Pokemon Go has added additional countries, I immediately downloaded the app on Playstore and luckily, everything went fine without using any dummy account from a different country.

I already caught bunch of pokemons like Zubat,Ghastly and more inside the house using the lure feature where you can easily attract pokemons even without walking that much. Unfortunately, I was able to use all my lure and planning to buy some more at the shop. I think that costs 80 pesos. Quite affordable.
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